Electrolytes for Athletic Performance

Electrolytes for Athletic Performance

As a former multi sport professional athlete, the importance of performing at your best and recovering in between workouts hits close to home.  I often experienced muscle cramps that would prevent me from finishing workouts, unfortunately at the most important part of training sessions.  This became really frustrating as a highly competitive athlete and I began searching for answers.

I was fortunate to have excellent resources while competing in college at the University of Missouri and at Cal-Berkeley.  The team nutritionist for UC-Berkeley aquatics told me that I needed to increase my electrolyte and potassium intake to help prevent this from happening.  Sure enough, as I became mindful to ramp up my consumption of these vital nutrients, my cramps started to dissipate and started acting up few and far between.  This truly was a game changer for my athletic career.  There is nothing worse as an athlete than being unable to physically give it your all.

On a physiological level, electrolytes help athletes retain water and increase hydration.  Electrolytes also contain vital nutrients that help strengthen muscles and bones as well as promoting good sleep.  When exercising, people lose magnesium, calcium, and potassium through sweat.  Electrolytes replenish your body of what it needs most during physical exercise.

I wish I had access to Recovered Health as an athlete.  Instead of spending time finding recovery products in person at pharmacies and convenient stores I would have much rather had products delivered to my doorstep to save time and energy.

Bennett Clark 

2x United States Olympic Trials Participant 

4x All-American athlete 

Captain of the Cal Men’s swim team 

Golden State Warriors tryout participant

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